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Sustainable Bus is a headlight on future mobility.

Sustainable Bus is the only international media fully focused on clean buses and sustainability in the field of public transport. It belongs to the editorial platform of the publishing house Vado e Torno Edizioni and devotes attention to product news, tenders, experiences, case studies, market trends, international exhibitions and congresses.

Sustainable Bus is a network composed by a website daily updated with the last news, by weekly newsletters and by social network channels, in order to meet the needs of a broad and diverse public. It is media partner of UITP, Busworld, Zero Emission Bus Conference, Bus2Bus, Euro Mobility Expo, FIAA and all the main sector-related exhibitions.

Sustainable Bus saw the light in 2018 in a specific historical and sociological framework. Urbanization and climate change are global challenges that ask public transport to change attitude. Public transportation is heading toward a transition that implicates a new paradigma. Future societies will be sustainable only if they will be able to grant both the right to an efficient mobility and to a cleaner air. Alternative drives, not only full electric but also hybrid, CNG, LNG, biogas and fuel cell, will allow a drop of emissions from the vehicles. The success, though, will be accomplished only if the whole chain will be sustainable, from the the manufacturing to the energy supply.

In the newsroom

Managing editor: Riccardo Schiavo
Editorial staff: Stefano Agnellini, Fabio Butturi, Alberto Gimmelli, Fabio Franchini
Contributors: Rossella De Maria, Claudius Jehle, Stefano Alfano
Graphic designer: Marzo Zanusso

Publishing house: Vado e Torno Edizioni
Publishing house’s CEO: Maurizio Cervetto