ACEA announced that Domenico Nucera, President of the Bus Business Unit in Iveco Group, has been appointed as Chairperson of its bus and coach division. Domenico Nucera has been elected for a one-year term. DAF Trucks President Harald Seidel has just been elected Chairman of Commercial Vehicles in the same organization.

Previously the role has been held by Anna Carmo e Silva, Senior Vice President and Head of Buses and Coaches at Scania, and Rudi Kuchta when he was Head of Bus Business Unit at MAN Truck & Bus.

Domenico Nucera now leads ACEA bus and coach division

In 2017 Domenico Nucera became the Director of Powertrain Quality at IVECO, expanding his role to include commercial and speciality vehicles. In 2020, he was named Vice President of Aftermarket Solutions for both Powertrain and Commercial and Specialty Vehicles before becoming President, Bus Business Unit, Iveco Group and a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Iveco Group in 2021.

The organization states that bus and coach manufacturers are continuously working on cleaner and greener models to help cut road transport CO2 emissions but cannot tackle challenges alone. Public transport and coach operators need to be able to invest in and profitably operate new models. Collaboration with all stakeholders: policymakers, transport operators, electric charging and hydrogen refilling infrastructure providers, and others, is therefore key to rapidly decarbonising heavy-duty transport.

“The EU has set highly ambitious decarbonisation targets for buses and coaches in 2024. Yet, ambition on paper does not match the implementation reality, as Europe lacks equally ambitious enabling conditions,” stated Domenico Nucera.

“Buses are the most popular means of public transport in the EU, accounting for well over half of all public transport journeys. They have the lowest carbon footprint of any form of motorised transport, simultaneously providing an essential public service while sizeably contributing to decarbonisation,” explained Domenico Nucera. “More than 700,000 buses are on EU roads today, providing mobility for all Europeans. But policy makers should keep their focus on this vital sector’s competitiveness in the face of growing competition from other global regions,” he added.


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